Ben Dybowski
My name is Ben Dybowski.

I work as a teacher and teacher assistant. Or I should say: I worked.

Earlier this year I got sacked from an Anglican high school for daring to express three mainstream Christian views during a talk on diversity and inclusion, of all things, organised for the teaching staff. I had been told it was a “safe space”.

These are the views I voiced:
  • I believe that human life starts at conception and should be protected from that moment.
  • I believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. However I acknowledge the state recognises other options.
  • I am critical of some aspects of Islam.
That’s it. Three mainstream Christian views; why, three mainstream views in general, shared by millions of Brits, religious or otherwise.

The next day I was escorted by the headmaster out of the school building. He decided my views were a “safeguarding issue” and reported me to the local regulator of the education workforce (in plain English: in his opinion my Christian beliefs made me unsafe to work with children and young people). This led to a general ban on working in schools.

Those Orwellian developments have lead to two things.


Firstly, with the help of UK’s leading barrister on religious and human rights, Paul Diamond, I am taking LEGAL ACTION against the school.


Secondly, with a group of friends I am planning launch a big, nationwide campaign to put in an emphatic way a stop to the discrimination of people in Britain for holding and professing Christian views.
Today I am asking you to help me cover the cost of the legal action against the school, which so blatantly discriminated against me. I will be grateful for every single donation, regardless of the amount.