Every year dozens of people in Britain lose jobs, face suspension or other kinds of disciplinary action for professing Christian beliefs.

For voicing solid, traditional views that our parents and grandparents – and many generations before them – took for granted.

  • That marriage is a union between a man and a woman.
  • That there are only two sexes : ‘God created them male and female’.
  • That human life begins at conception and should be protected.
  • That some moral choices can be described as sinful.


Today, many are afraid to even mention their deeply-held beliefs in the workplace and very often in any social context.

This all happens in a country that owes so much of its achievements, tradition, system of values to the teaching of Jesus Christ.


What’s more, a Christian church, the Church of England, is still the nation’s established church.

You may recall that at the recent coronation of King Charles III we heard the beautiful words about “an environment in which people of all faiths may live freely”.

Isn’t it high time these words meant something? Isn’t it high time this vision encompassed British Christians?

That’s why myself and a group of dedicated Christian friends and defenders of freedom of speech are planning a national petition demanding exactly that:

No person shall be discriminated against or prosecuted for holding and professing Christian beliefs.

The details of the campaign are coming soon. Just now, we are asking you to help us organise and promote it.

If you want to donate, do it through the button below: